One Touch Products is primarily engaged in the design, development and marketing of next generation innovative kitchen tools and accessories adopting the basic principle of “Simple To Use by Everyone”.
In 2005, One Touch pioneered a unique, hands-free can opener aimed at transforming the lives of the growing number of elderly people with weak or arthritic hands. This patented, One Touch Can Opener has gone on to sell 12 million units worldwide and won five major international awards for design and quality.
The OneTouch Can Opener has subsequently become a huge hit not only amongst the physically challenged and left-handed consumers, but also for the rest of us.
To promote better the quality of life for everyone, the OneTouch brand has expanded the ingenuity to a full line and introduced more innovative, well-designed and engineered yet easy-to-use household appliances of high quality. Our Automatic Jar Opener and Automatic Wine Opener created another sensation and were internationally awarded in 2008. These creations enhanced the cosy of cooking and eating at home.
The phenomenally successful OneTouch concept not only improves the convenience of use but also cares the safety and eating habit of users. We subsequently launched Automatic Vegetable Slicer, Automatic Power Grater, Frother and so on. All OneTouch products are ideally designed for families of seniors, families with kids, young couples and even a single-person household. While making persistent effort to design and introduce novel widgets to ease the kitchen tasks, OneTouch is keen on protecting the originality of the products with international patents.
One Touch Can Opener- 50 coolest products of the 21 century
2007 Gold Award for One Touch Can Opener, IDEA

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